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Source: Yellow

Let me mark the first day of this blog entitled ‘Much To Tell About Nothing’ by participating in today’s Daily Prompt. The daily prompt word is ‘Yellow’ at the day this blog has been launched online. For me personally, responding to the  Daily Post‘s daily prompt means writing without any preconceived plan. When the participants become aware of the daily prompt word/instruction in a particular day, they must begin writing immediately. In other words, the bloggers themselves do not know where the writing will eventually bring them. In most cases, we do not write what we have discovered, but we discover new things when we write.

The colour yellow means many different things for various cultures both in the present and in the past. In most cultures, the bright golden yellow is associated with the sun. The sun and by implication the colour it radiates symbolizes strength and power. There were even civilizations in the past, such as the ancient Egypt amongst many others, who have worshiped the sun as monotheistic god. The sun has been a symbol of potent power that Louis XIV refers to him as the le Roi-Soleil or the Sun King. The colour yellow is ubiquitous in all of his emblem. In ancient China, yellow is an imperial colour. If memory serves me well, I have heard that in those time, only the emperor was allowed to wear an imperial yellow.

Today, yellow means many different things. In the West, yellow is ascribed to gender neutrality. When a baby boy is expected, he is being welcomed with colour blue. On the other hand, when baby girls are expected, we welcome them with colour pink. In that sense, yellow is associated with welcomed uncertainty and the thrill to be surprised. In a modern society today in which we are gaining more and more control of our lives and our future, relinquishing the control to know the sex of the baby can be a very challenging prospect. Therefore, yellow can also be associated with the strength to go against the impulse to have control over everything.

Yellow is in between of two absolute things or the not entirely. For example in the traffic lights. The yellow in traffic light is way of announcing the red light. Yellow is an announcement that the command to stop is about to take place, so that the motorist could prepare themselves. It is a threshold between the stop and the go. It is not entirely stop, but it is absolutely not a go. The yellow is a space in between, the not here and the not there.

Then, there is the cakra from Hindu spiritual traditions I find fascinating. They say yellow symbolizes the Manipura Chakra also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra which I do not fully understand, which is not a problem because I have already accepted that I could not possibly understand everything there is to understand. This chakra is located in our navel and responsible for will power and the source of our power drive. The navel is yellow. Once in our lives, we have shared one chord with our mother connected to our navel. Is it far-fetched to also associate yellow with the unbreakable bond that the mother and her child share?

In Christianity, or at least in Christian festivities, yellow is ascribed to the Easter. Easter is colour yellow which symbolizes resurrection and new life. It marks the end of the fasting and the Holy Week.

Yellow is a very imposing and yet so mysterious of a colour.