Replacement: New Blog and New Addiction

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When I saw the new word prompt today, there are two things that come into my mind that are very relevant in a certain aspect of my daily mundane life. First, this new blog entitled: ‘Much To Tell About Nothing’ that has been launched just yesterday replacing the blog I have launched years ago. I will no longer refer you to the link of that old blog, because I have changed a lot since then and that old blog site of mine does not represent anymore who I have become today. Second, it has been said that addiction can be cured by replacing it by another addiction. Hence, A new blog site replacing the old and a an old addiction replaced by a new form of addiction. Allow me to ponder a bit on that.

If you will read my About Page, you will find that this blog you are visiting at the moment is a replacement of an older blog I have secured in the past. Yes that is right, I am an impulsive blogger. For some reason, I find blogging so fulfilling which I might ponder in some other blog entries in the future, but not today. The main reason why I have decided to abandon the old blog site and replaced it with the new one, is that while reading my old blog entries, it seems that I am reading pieces written by a different person. They have been written by my younger me. Therefore, this new blog represent a new regime. Again, new regime replacing the old and a new blog is a very nice gesture to mark the recognition of how one’s life gradually transforms.

Second, I am starting to suspect that I might have a predisposition to addiction of any kind. As much as I am ashamed to publicly admit it, I can watch television programs and films more than what is good for me. I feel guilty about it, especially when there are a lot of things that need my attention. I procrastinate. I am a great procrasitinator. Watching television is just an easy way to escape tackling the things that need to be tackled. As I have said, I have just started this blog Sunday yesterday. Since yesterday, I did not watch any television programs or movies at all. Hoera! Hoera! One might exclaim, but I have been glued to since yesterday when I need to work on my research project and to prepare for my presentation in a conference next week. In the country where I live, the day is almost nigh and I have not done anything at all except to write blogs, to read blogs of other bloggers, and to check how many likes or visits I might have received so far. In other words, my watching addiction has been replaced by my blogging addiction.



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