Behold, The First Sign Of Spring


Every morning, while still half asleep, the first thing I do is to go to the kitchen, turn-on the coffee machine, and make myself a cup of coffee. While drinking the first cup of my morning coffee, my mind starts to gain full consciousness and thus becomes aware of the pressing matters I need to attend the rest of the day.

Today, however, something disrupted this daily routine. As I sip from my first cup of coffee, my gaze went to the garden through the kitchen window. As I look at the view before me, I have noticed something different. There are two bright colours standing out in the garden that has been grey the whole winter. It is like looking at a black and white photograph except that there are two bright colours in it. Then, it hit me: the long, dark and cold winter is already over and the spring is about to arrive.

These two little pretty flowers never fail in emerging this exact time of the year. They are always the first flowers to appear. There is something convivial in their presence. It is almost like a simple and yet celebratory feast. I have been very busy this year that I have not notice that the winter is about to end until I was reminded by the site of these two little flowers. They are very small indeed but their bright and joyful colours radiate throughout the garden.

These colours make me so happy and sad at the same time. While they have reminded me this morning that the spring is about to come, they have also reminded me that this might be the last year that I will see them. I have realized that I have ignored them all the time I have spent in this house. Soon, I have to relocate my home into a different house. I have to relish their beauty as much as I can.


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