Garden 2017: From Humble Beginnings


As it has already been mentioned in the previous blog post entitled Behold, The First Sign Of Spring published yesterday, I have spotted two little and yet gorgeous flowers on the garden. They might be small, but their bright beautiful colours make them difficult to be unnoticed. Their site is a constant reminder that the long, cold and dark winter is almost behind while the most awaited spring is almost near. Aside from the plants that can survive the cold winter and remain green throughout the year, the colours of these flowers are the first indication that the garden is about to transform. Every year, they never fail in what they do: they remind us of spring while at the same time they make us excited of the spring yet to come.

This is how the garden looks like the whole winter. At the moment, it still looks dull and dead. Like any other gardens, it will eventually transform into something colourful and vibrant. It is still grey outside and it is still cold. But the site of those two little and pretty flowers combined with the sounds of birds in the morning are clear messages that this garden is about to take its transformation. This transformation this garden will take this year of 2017 will be followed, photographed, and documented. Today, that documentation begun. It is indeed a humble beginning.