The White Roses in the Early Days of Spring 2017


The white roses in the garden are already starting to announce their arrival. Their new green leaves are already forcing their way out from the stem that has been bare the whole cold winter. The photograph above depicts this most exciting transition from winter to spring awaited by many including myself. It is beautiful to see how the old rose from the last year is giving way to the new ones this year. When one ends, another starts all over again. Indications of spring such as this in combination with the bright blue sky, sounds of birds, and temperature slightly rising-up can really lighten up one’s mood.

At the height of the spring – as we will see later on – this arch will be full of roses eagerly blooming so generously. There will be so much of them to the extent that the arch almost wants give-up. The stems will go strong and defiant. They would go far beyond the line of the arch in which they are suppose to stay. Some would cut-off so the excess to make them look more organized, structured, and controlled according to the model of the arch. However, in this particular garden, due to the laziness of its custodian, the roses are unconstrained and crawl as far as they could. Soon,  the height of its bloom will also be documented here.


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