Can You Name That Bird?


While working at my desk yesterday and could not find the words to express this vague idea, I was distracted by this bird on the tree just outside my window. Indeed, having your desk against the window can be pretty distracting. Some distractions are welcome, but some are not. The site of the bird falls indeed to the former.

It is small, black and with the yellow beak. When I checked on the internet what kind of bird this might be, I found-out that it is Turdus Merula. Though I am not really entirely sure if the photograph I saw on the internet is exactly the same as the bird on the photograph I took myself. But they certainly look alike.

There is also a corresponding video with these photographs. While recording a video, I was also taking pictures at the same time. These two photographs are excerpt from that video. Unfortunately, I cannot upload the video on youtube because I forgot to turn off the background music. That violates certain regulation on copyrights.