It IS Easy Being Green!

Source: It IS Easy Being Green!

They are all green and beautiful. What else there to say? The colours get more bright when the day is so sunny. The sunny day is deceivingly warm thought. It might look very warm when staring outside from inside the house. However, when I went out to take a picture, I have realised that it still not warm enough going out without a jacket. That being said, these greens are just so beautiful and even more beautiful on a very sunny and cheerful day like today!

In one of my previous entry entitled The White Roses in the Early Days of Spring 2017, the photograph of this particular stem has been enclosed. Last March 13 this year, the leaves of these white roses were still trying to sprout out. Today, they are already developed and visible. Soon, it will be full of white roses. I am really looking forward to it.

I do not really know what the name of that beautiful little flowers in the middle of the greens. I do not even know what the plant around it is called. This plant is always there even during the cold winter. But it is more noticeable when it is ornamented by that little beautiful flower which only shows exactly this time of the year.

Here below, we see the parsley we just bought from the super market today!! We do not need the spring for that. We can always get them and other fresh herbs in the supermarket throughout the year. Having them in the garden in sunny cheerful day like today, makes them even look more delicious!! Yum yum!


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