Voyeuristic Gaze Through the Lens of a Video Cam: Black Billed Magpie


I am not entirely sure of what these birds are called. Their main physical characteristic is that they have black and white plumage. When search the google search engine through the keywords: ‘black birds with black and white feathers’. The search result was extensive and provided an ample quantity of photographs of black and white feathered birds. The closest image to the bird I was looking for is called Black Billed Magpie. It’s scientific name is Pica Hudsonia. In some sources, they are mentioned as Pica Pica (Linnaeus). The sources also indicate that these birds are usually seen in Western North America. These birds on the photographs are seen in North-Western part of Europe. Is it possible that these birds are migrating? Are they now on a stop-over because they have to rear their young?

I always see them this time of year: when flowers are already starting to sprout-out everywhere, temperature gets higher, and the trees are once again turning green. While I was on the attic day the site of these birds visible through the attic window came into my attention. They are on the very top of a tall tree. I wish I also know to which species that tree belongs and what its called.  It is quite clear from the photograph above and from the video below that they are both building and guarding their most valuable nest. They are expecting new members of the family.

The video is not as we usually seen in documentaries such as for instance, the documentaries of Sir David Attenborough. However, considering my far less sophisticated tool and lack of talent in film making, I could say that I have witness a certain aspect of this particular pair of birds more intimately. This is the best I could and I am very happy for that. I was so exhilarated and elevated while watching them intimately through the lens of my video camera.  To be their peeping tom is such a great privilege.

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