Dense: The Tree I See When Sitting behind the Desk 

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It is quite unfortunate that I do not name the name of this tree in front of my window when I admire its beauty so much. This tree is never static. It constantly changes its appearance throughout the year as if it is following a strict protocol. Today, it stems are thick with white small flowers. Soon, the flowers will be all blown by the wind and will be replaced green leaves. It will be dense in leaves as it is dense in flowers today. The photograph below is a photograph of the same tree taken very recently, 30 days ago to be exact. Look how it changed and transformed in just a short period of time.

The desk where I usually conduct my daily business is positioned right against this window. When I am sitting on my desk and working, this is the view I see. Beautiful as it is, I am not really aware of it especially when I am too preoccupied with the tasks I tackle on my desk. However, this week’s photo challenge on WordPress’ Daily Post provided me the opportunity to pause for a while and admire the beautiful view I see when sitting on my desk that I usually tend to ignore. At this moment, I am very mindful of this beauty; captured its image through the lens of my camera; sharing it to the blogging community; and thinking and writing about it.

Soon, I will share a series of photographs of this particular subject to show how it changes throughout the year. I must admit though that today is the pinnacle of its beauty.

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