Irrelevant: Between what is more important and Less Important at a Given Time

Source: Irrelevant

When I have begun this Much to Tell About Nothing Blog in the beginning of this year, I was in the middle of writing my research project. This particular research project was conducted and written within the trajectory of a master’s degree in humanities that I have recently finished. Discussing the object of that particular research project in detail or to specify the program in which it has been written is not the intention of this particular blog entry. It is, after all, not my intention, and will never be my intention, to bore the readers with details. Perhaps I will do that in other post in the near future. But for now, they are just details and details are, more often than not, irrelevant.

If memory serves me well, when I have composed the first entry of this blog, I was stuck in my research project. When I stuck I meant that I was in a great difficulty to articulate my thoughts. In retrospect, I was not very sure whether the idea was already clear enough to be clearly articulated. In other words, my mind and the whole process of writing was cluttered. To de-clutter the process, I have tried writing in a different space, for different purpose, and with different motivation.

At the time of writing, the research project that I was writing, which took me a year to write, is already finished in a form of a manuscript. It has already been submitted to the examination committee, was already read by evaluators and graded by my supervisors. It has been graded with 7,5 which feels like between a B and a B+. The highest possible grade is 10, but that grade is more of an idea than an actual grade. There are some students who get 9, but that is as rare as the Haley’s comet. 8 feels an A. Although difficult to achieve, it is nonetheless quite common.

At first, I was very unhappy with the 7,5 because the effort and the love I have invested to my work feels like an 8. But then, they are just grades and they certainly does not always reflect the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that I have finished the research project that I have enjoyed so much writing. On a more personal level, the research project and the process of writing it has provide me a whole new perspective on how I look at the society I inhabit and changed the way I inhabit it. In other words, the whole process and experience of writing have enriched my whole being. Whether I have a high or a higher grade is irrelevant.