Planet: The Visceral Experience of its Presence when I Run

Source: Planet


When I run in the open space, I feel connected with our beloved planet earth. I feel in synchronise and in harmony with its totality. The visceral experience of being connected with the planet and the universe as a whole every time I run out there, although fulfilling and elevating, makes me feel quite insignificant. Or rather, I should say, although makes me feel insignificant makes me feel fulfilled and elevated. It makes me realize that I am not at the centre of the universe but just a tiny speck of dust. In the  grand scheme of things, our magnificent planet is not at the centre of the universe. At the same time I also feel that I am a part of the planet’s integral whole which is quite empowering. When I run, I feel that I am running into a transcendent place that is neither here nor there and yet at the same time makes me more conscious of my presence in this beautiful planet earth and the life it breaths upon us.

My view on this planet is quite limited. It is limited to what I can see on a visual and physical level. My view is limited because I am located in it. We cannot see the façade of our house when we are inside our house. What I see is just a tiniest part of our planet. The photographs you see above and below are just some of the view I saw when I have run this afternoon. I must say that it is a privilege to be able to run though these places and to live in its vicinity. Yet, these are parks and therefore cultivated by human intervention. It does not really represent the grandeur beyond words of our planet we take for granted, if not destroy.