Windows: From My Desk’s Perspective

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When the photograph above was taken, the window – whether used as a frame or as an object itself – did not play a central role until this week’s photo challenge on the daily post. As the tree outside clearly suggests, this has been taken last winter this year. Obviously, what this particular picture initially tries to show is my desk  and the view familiar view outside when I am sitting behind my desk. When one looks at this picture, one does see the desk and the view outside the window, namely, the tree. Although being at the centre of the photograph that divides the desk and the tree, the inside and the outside, the window seems to deflect our attention. When we look outside, we see the view, but never the window, when, obviously enough, we cannot see the view without the window. Until today when The Daily Post has invited us to change our perspectives and the way we look at the photograph we have taken in the past.

My working station is my most favourite spot in the whole house. When I am at home, it is where I am usually found deeply immersing in the flow of my thoughts. It is where I write. For me writing is both work and play. When I work, I write about my research interest. When I play, I write a blog as I do now. But then, the working station does not really end at the edge of the table, does it? It still continue outside when my gaze is directed into the horizon when reflecting. I have just come to realize that the window in front of me and yet always taken for granted is an extension of my desk.

Below is a photograph of the same tree and the same window but without the desk. This is taken few months ago at the peak of the summer. Here, the window has been literally and yet unintentionally being used as a frame of the photograph itself. The window was not the object of the photograph until now.


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