Launch(ed) A New Life Regime: A Life Free From Cigarettes.

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For quite some time, I was already considering of making certain changes on how I live my life. I thought ‘I need to launch a new life regime in which cigarette smoking is totally out of the picture.’ Just quite recently, that new life regime I was thinking to launch has finally been realized. I have stopped smoking. I do not smoke anymore. I am no longer a smoker. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! If I may say so, I am quite proud and please with myself. It is a tremendous achievement one could not underestimate. The sense of achievement we can experience when we are able to conquer ourselves is so gloriously elevating.

My gained freedom from my nicotine addiction which has enslaved me for many years deserves a celebration. It was the 4th day of August this year, at exactly 14:00, when I extinguish that last filthy cigarette that I have smoked. At the end of every single day since then, I am grateful that I have not given into temptation to light a cigarette. Then, I started a new regiment that would help me battle my smoking addiction. I started to run on the 9th of August, just few days after I have decided to smoke my last cigarette, since I have decided to break the cycle. I have been running regularly since then. Like stopping with smoking, I was also reluctant to start running. These two are not mutually exclusive.

Stopping with smoking and running are two important changes in my life. Therefore, I will launch a space here in Much To Tell About Nothing Blog in which my reflection on these two events and experiences will be pondered upon. The latter has already been slightly touched upon on the previous blog entries, the former will be coming soon.

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