Athletic Frame of Mind: Marathon/Half Marathon Training Experience

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Athletic is one of the many words that I would not and cannot use to describe myself and how I live my life. That has, however, change quite recently when I have started running outdoor regularly. For the sake of The Daily Post’s Prompt today, the photographs at the beginning and at the end of this blog post have been taken while I was running this afternoon. The first photograph was taken after I have covered 10 kilometres. Running 10 kilometres was the initial plan today. When I have reached today’s goal, I thought I could still do another 5. If I have started earlier, I could have pushed it to 20 and more. The photograph bellow was taken while I was reaching the 13th Kilometres. Today, I stopped when I reached 15 kilometres. Tomorrow, I will run again and I might do more. The run today was just a warm-up. Every athletic person who are engaged in athletic activity and strenuous training need a good warming up.

Jogging in itself is barely a sport and as such, I cannot really call myself athletic simply because I have started to become fanatic with running quite recently. But sometimes, when I run and have arrived to that transcendent zone where everything felt in synchronize and in harmony, where I feel so connected with myself and my environment, I feel quite like an athlete at the peak of my game. In that transcendent zone, everything seems to fade away into the background and my intimate relationship with what I do come to the fore. The kilometres I have covered seems to become less important and the time I have spent covering it does no longer matter. If that is not an athletic frame of mind, I do not know what is. But then of course, how would I know what an athletic frame of mind is when I have never been involved in any competitive sport in my entire life. Not yet at least, because since I have started running, I have been fantasizing about running a marathon someday. Who knows and Why not?  Marathon is a sport in its own right. In other words, running is quite motivating.

To run a marathon was not the original motivation why I have started running in the first place. Fanatically running begun since I have stopped smoking. In my case, running and not smoking are not mutually exclusive. It was at 14:00 o’clock last 4th of August this year was the last time when I have extinguished the last cigarette I have smoked. It is still too early to say that I have already smoked the last cigarette in my whole life. The promise that I will never smoke anymore in the rest of my whole life seems to be a promise quite difficult to deliver. But for smokers like myself, who is struggling to conquer this addiction – or any form of addiction for that matter – not submitting to the object of desire for two months is already a remarkable achievement. This success has been made possible by my new activity, namely fanatically running. An activity which brings me to that transcendent zone in which my athletic performance as a runner reflects the athletic frame of mind I acquire and have gained the privilege to experience at the event of running.

Like stopping with smoking, running also provides a very interesting theme that will be pondered and explored in this blog. Form hence forward, any blog post related to the experiences and thoughts associated with running will be categorized as ‘While Running’.

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