Transformation: When A Butterfly Becomes One

Butterfly One Summer

When we think of  Transformation, the image of a butterfly comes first to mind at least for most people. Yours truly is certainly not an exception. Every butterfly experiences and endures different stages in their life time. In every stage, they transform. They are constant reminder to each and every one of us that nothing in our lives is permanent. Like them, our life also knows different stages and takes a series of transformations with every stage we endure. The sorrows that our failures bring are as temporary as the joys of our triumphs. It is, therefore, important not to be sad too much when we loose, but at the same time, not to be excessively happy when we win. After all, as Aristotle once said, virtue is anything in the middle of two extremes.

The photograph you see above and the video below was taken one summer years ago. As I can remember, I was in the garden and I was so fully aware of the life that surrounds me. I did not only see them but I also felt them viscerally. I tried to document them all together at the same time. I did not know where to start. This beautiful butterfly caught my attention first. I love nature. I find them truly fascinating. But then again, who doesn’t?

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