Winter 2017: The First Encounter This Year

winter 2017

Winter marks the coming of age of every year and yet at the same time it is also the point in which a new young year is being born again. It is in the nexus of the old and the new.

There are quite plenty of the us who finds winter to be the most dreary season of the year. It is quite understandable. It is when we are constrained with indoor activities because it is very cold to spend our time outside. The sun rarely shine and the lack of its glorious presence has a tremendous influence to the temperaments of many.

That being said, one should also acknowledge that solemn beauty winter brings with it. While I was on my way to work this morning, I was greeted by this beautiful scenery already engulfed by the presence of winter. Even though I was already (almost) late, I stood still for a while, so that I could reciprocate its greetings. Then I grabbed my mobile phone, took some pictures of it, and now blogging about it.

Indeed, one of the many reasons why the people I know do not like inter is that winter makes them feel sad. I will not deny that, like them, winter also makes me sad sometimes. In a certain degree though, I like being sad more particularly when the sadness if profound. When I am sad, I also feel calm and quite within.

I am more inclined to reflect when I am sad than when I am happy and thus more connected with myself. So, I do not mind that winter makes me sad. After all, being sad, like being happy, is not a permanent state of one’s mind.

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