Vegan @ Work: Forlorn I Am Not

I can claim in good conscience that I am a full pledge vegan. While I do not and cannot promise that I will be a perfect vegan, if such person truly exists, I could say with mostly absolute certainty that my position relative to that vegan ideal is relatively close.

My diet is strictly plant-based and I do not find it difficult at all. In fact, I am not even aware that I am being vegan round the clock as if being vegan is always what I have been. It just comes naturally, like breathing.

I am not a perfect vegan, but every day, to the best of my ability, being a good vegan is what I am trying to become. That is the best one can do. More often than not, to do one’s best is all what it takes to bring us far.

Although I consider myself a good vegan – and to borrow from the jargon of the LGTBQ communities – I am a vegan in a closet, or at least, I am selectively out. I am out with my family, some of my friends, and in the university. In these contexts, I am vegan and proud.

At work on the other hand is an entirely different story. I do not disclose to my colleagues that I am a vegan partly because it is mostly not relevant at work. But mostly, I am worried that my colleagues will look at me differently once they knew the ideals to which I subscribe.

I felt that I was in forlorn isolation. I thought I was alone. Being a vegan is quite edgy and my colleagues are too mainstream. So it seems and I could not be more wrong.

I am so ashamed of myself for being so narrow-minded and thinking too little of my colleagues. I have immediately assumed that they would not understand the vegan way of life. I have discovered yesterday during the party at work that almost 1/3 of my colleagues are actually vegan like myself.

While we were eating, the subject of the discussion was veganism, while the non-vegans were eating meat. While listening to the conversation, it is quite interesting to see how some vegans are more vegan than others. My colleagues are well researched and perhaps more than I do. People in many places are really becoming more and more aware about these kind of things.

It is important to stress that the vegans were not ranting and criticizing the dominant way of living. Not in that particular context at least. The vegans were discussing veganism because the non-vegans were inquiring about it. The latter were genuinely curious. The conversation was not a rant. It was a dialogue. It was so respectful as it is beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Vegan @ Work: Forlorn I Am Not

  1. withasideofburnttoast says:

    I would agree at being in the closet. I disclose it a bit on social media, mostly Instagram. It guides my lifestyle, but doesn’t equate to telling everyone at every moment. Definitely not perfectly vegan. I still have face wash with gelatin and sometimes consume honey by accident. I do what’s attainable and makes sense in the circumstances. And I’m happy for it. I’m glad that you feel similar in that you have a hesitation to tell people right away and that you support a dialogue versus a rant. I think that’s the best way to share things. Not criticizing anyone for their lifestyle. We all live how we want. : )

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    • indeed.. there are different ways of being in this world… I am not a perfect vegan as well.. I just do my best. I think that counts.. What I mostly like about being vegan is how conscious and mindful we have become and still becoming. The social media, when wielded properly, certainly gives us certain degree of freedom of expressing ourselves.

      Thank you very much for visiting and sharing. It is really nice to hear from like minded people.

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      • withasideofburnttoast says:

        It really does count for something. Every effort goes a long way, and it all really changes your life. It definitely reflects in social media with the mindfulness aspect and feeling of freedom. It’s a great side effect of leading this lifestyle. In any case, be your own kind of vegan individual, wherever we fall on the plant-based life spectrum. Thank you for sharing your work too. It’s really nice to connect with others on the same journey! : )

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