Writing and Musing on Blank Page when the Blank Page Strikes

An empty page is quite intimidating. It is daunting to look at empty, blank, white page whether it be a word document on the screen computer or a piece of actual paper on one’s desk. To paraphrase Fredrich Nietzsche: ‘when you gaze long into an empty page, the empty page will gaze back into you.’ For a couple of days now, I have been staring into a blank empty page and although it is Static, it has a life ad will of it’s own. The empty page can reciprocate the gaze and it does look down at me.

A professional writer I am not and perhaps I will never be. I do not possess the necessary talent, creativity, and discipline to become a published author or to earn a living from the craft of writing. Although writer I am not, writing I love nonetheless. There is nothing more gratifying, at least for me personally, to strike an empty page with words of my own expressing my thoughts however incoherent these thoughts might be.

That said, one could only imagine the power that a blank paper could hold to those who cannot not write, for professionals and otherwise alike. It is frustrating as it is heart breaking sometimes and the more one forces the words into the paper, the more the words seem to elude and evade.

I write a few words that form a sentence or two only to hit the delete button again as soon as I have read them. That process repeats over and over again sometimes for the whole day. There are even times that this cycle will go on for days. I refer to that as the days of darkness. Should I live in an age before the digital age and use a typewriter instead of a computer, my room is already littered with balled papers and I am buried in it as I am buried in frustration.

One must realize, however, that being in the dark is as crucial as being in the light. The struggle for ideas and the search for words  to express them as accurate as we could appear to be a prerequisite stage that one has to endure which brings them to that joyful moments when the writing is writing itself.

Writing, however elusive words might be at times, is thinking. We think as we write and we write as we think. Ideas do not always precedes the writing. They emerge and take form as we write them.

It is when we are struggling with words that we converse with our inner selves. As we converse with our inner selves,  ideas gradually gain clarity and form. If we persevere and fully commit ourselves to the whole process, the writing will eventually take over. The writing and what is being written will get the life of its own. Words will flow out and we will not have the control over it nor the right to question their providence. The writing then happens not because of us, but despite of us. These moments make the darkest days in which we are confronted by that daunting empty page becomes worth enduring.

Writing and musing about the empty page when confronted by the empty page is a manifestation of how I have come to learn how to appreciate the empty page. Though frustrating as it is, I do not resist the empty page. The empty page is more than welcome. The pain it inflicts must be embraced and not avoided. As Nietzsche has thought us, it is when we rise above to the challenges we set upon ourselves is the time when we become the best version of ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Writing and Musing on Blank Page when the Blank Page Strikes

  1. admjanse says:

    Oh god, this is so beautiful and relatable! I definitely agree with everything you say and understand both the struggle and the satisfaction of writing. Love it love it!

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    • Thanks! I am quite convinced that it is the struggle that makes what we do so satisfying. Finding words are not always easy, but we are always happy when we eventually find them and we find them eventually…

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  2. withasideofburnttoast says:

    This really describes the struggle and I like how you shared the positivity that comes from this. I’m trying to get into reading more Nietzsche so this is perfect!

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      • withasideofburnttoast says:

        I don’t know – I think his works are translated from German so maybe they might be difficult to comprehend in a way, especially already being heavy reading in the way that philosophy is. I’m not sure what the best translated works are, but I definitely would like to read more since he had some extremist ideas I think. . Same here- I catch snatches that are brought up in other works.

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      • Yes indeed… his works have been instrumentalized by the Third Reich as a propaganda tool. Although, some scholars argue that his works were not intended to be racist, but some would argue, that it is Eurocentric.

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      • withasideofburnttoast says:

        Yeah – remembering back to my philosophy of ethics course days – I think one of my classmates was researching him and mentioned that. I suppose the arguments are valid for that. I think his viewpoints are very unique in relation to a lot of other philosophers. I’m keen to look around at the library for his works.

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