Writing Everyday: When I am not writing here, I am writing somewhere else


It has been quite a while since the last time I have updated this dear blog-site of mine and I am starting to feel rather guilty if not worried about it. The last time I have posted a blog entry here was last February 10 entitled To Be Published or Not To Be Published: Writing for the Sake of Writing, which is quite ironic because here, I talked about how I love writing and my promise to write, but did not write since then.

Aside from the huge delay, I have also realized that the blog entry of the 10th of February was the only journal entry I have posted for the month of February. This is quite a contradiction with the frequency I have posted last month. Last month, I have had 11 posts in total.

Although I am not writing here, I am nonetheless writing somewhere else because I am working on the article I am currently writing based on the research project I have conducted while I was still in graduate school. Whether to be published or not is beyond my control. Being receptive to my own limitations, publishing is not really the end game, but rather, writing itself.

In the previous blog entry, I have mentioned that I am using the workbook that Wendy Belcher designed entitled Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success’. I find this workbook not only to be very useful indeed but also fun. I perform each exercise every week and actually enjoy doing it. One of its methods is to write every day, however short regardless of how busy you are. Actually, to write for a short period of time but regularly is the main point of the exercise In no time, writing became a part of my daily life and I love it!.

I am now working on the Week 4 of the workbook. In this week, I need to meticulously select an academic journal in which the article I am writing will be more likely to appear in print. One of the caveat of graduation is that I cannot access the data base of the library from home, which is only accessible to employees and students. In other words, in order for me to complete the exercise I need to be physically present in the University library.

I do not mind going to the university library. The years that I have spent in the graduate school were the best years of my life so far. Being in the library brings me back to the past I genuinely cherish. It is delightful to be home and the university library is a sort of home.

However, as I step outside the train, I have just realized that I do not have any identification with me, which is mandatory when using the university library. I have travelled a long journey from home only to find out that I will not be able to enter the library. While walking, I was thinking of a solution. I thought that I will just try to speak with the person in charge and appeal to him or her to let me in.

As I approach the entrance, I saw a man standing and asking for the identification of every one entering. When it was already my time to come in, he was suddenly summoned by his colleague and thus left his post. It was a brief window of opportunity in which I can ‘illegally’ enter the premises. I thought it was exciting and felt that the universe is being kind to me today. As if being in the library has been Astrally arranged.

8 thoughts on “Writing Everyday: When I am not writing here, I am writing somewhere else

  1. Though there’s always the fear of getting caught, sneaking in or out feels so thrilling nonetheless.
    And like you, I share the joy of writing, whether it’s about any current topic given as a school essay homework or it’s just jotting down my thoughts. It always makes me feel relieved and leaves a satisfaction that even talking with a friend cannot give. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. I saw your post as I was checking my inbox and thinking of writing and updating my blog. It’s been a hot second since I wrote through this platform, but I really like your point that you are writing “elsewhere.” I feel the same. I am working on research projects and homework through all my courses, so while an absence of writing here may be the case, it’s not an absence of writing everywhere in my life. Thank you for sharing this perspective!

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    • It is very sad indeed… but on the bright side, having no access or being able to access them only in the library, makes me get out the house and go to the library.. how very old school! I like it..

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