Photography Day 1: Fake it until you make it


For quite some time now, I have been considering to buy a camera and make photography as my hobby. When I have stumbled upon the works of Mihaela Noroc on The Atlast of Beauty, I have been inspired to actually begin ‘doing’ photography as oppose to simply ‘thinking’ of doing it.

Aesthetically speaking, although I do not have any professional knowledge whatsoever when it comes to photography and therefore not in the position to judge her works, I can nonetheless say that the photographs she published are profoundly and extraordinarily beautiful.

Aside from aesthetics, each photograph also represents rich narratives from the perspectives of those women who have been photographed. Through creating a space in her project, in which women could also speak, women are not objectified by the lens but rather has wielded the lens in order to assert their subjectivity.

I would also like to do something similar to what Mihaela Noroc does. I want to employ beautifully captured images in order to articulate and map complex narratives worth telling. With that in mind, I went to the store last week and despite of my limited budget, I bought that camera that I have been already checking for months.

I do not know what my project will be and the path ahead that I am about to take, but I am quite sure that I would like to accomplish a project in the near future. Now that I have the equipment, I went to Amsterdam yesterday, and spent an hour or two exploring the city to practice photography.

The task I have given myself is to look at Amsterdam the way a tourist would look at it. This is also a great opportunity to take a break for a while away from my writing project.

I did not have any formal education when it comes to photography. I do not even know how to wield the tool in my possession in the first place. Taking pictures is a lot more difficult than it looks. None of the photographs I took has an X-Factor. They are banal, but hopefully, I will find the meaning as I go along.

Suffice to say that I do not have any natural talent in photography, but it does not mean that I will not be able to cultivate it. Even though none of the pictures I took truly impressed me, I quite enjoyed myself yesterday pretending to be a professional photographer who is in in the middle of a huge project. You know what they say: ‘fake it until you make it’. 

But I certainly hope that my camera will not only bring me to places but also serves as my Talisman! At least, it has brought me to Amsterdam yesterday and felt very lucky. I was a different person. I was a photographer.


11 thoughts on “Photography Day 1: Fake it until you make it

    • Hello Andrew… For the time being, I will post them here. But once I have discovered my niche, I might start a new photo blog. I am also so excited what will capture my attention. Honestly, I do not know yet.

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  1. Hello. I like your post, your new hobby and I clicked on the link (Thank you for that, it is a beautiful blog). I have one question: what is your new camera? Most people, me included, use our ‘smart’ phones but I don’t care for the quality and I’m interested in how you like your camera.


    • Hello Karyn… thank you for your comment! I know, right? the works of Mihaela Noroc are quite extra ordinary.

      I bought myself a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex). I bought the one I could just afford which is Nikon D3400.
      I also used my smart phones and really enjoyed it. I do still enjoy using my smart phone camera. And you are right, it is not really about the quality of the images, but what story you tell through those images and how we present them.
      But, as a photographer whether we are amateur or professional, our needs also grow and our current equipment can no longer cater to our needs. I felt that I really need to buy a more powerful lens. I do not know how to use it yet, which is very exciting. It is an opportunity for learning.

      I hope that you will drop-by again here soon… thanks again!

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      • hi, I think you misunderstood me … I meant to convey that the quality of photos from smart phones are not as clear/good as I’d like so that’s why I was interested in what you purchased.
        yes, we grow therefore our needs change. I just started really using my phone for photos for blogs and thought I’d like to expand on the photography so…I’m thinking of upgrading. One small step at a time; if I utilize the new equipment sufficiently and grow in photography, I’d consider upgrading later…but that depends on how much I use what I already have.
        enjoy your new hobby/opportunity. you did a great job with the above photo.

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      • Oh… now I see… Well, I think you have already outgrown your smart phone, and the time has come to get yourself a new equipment that will cater to your artistic needs! 😉 If I may say so, I quite enjoy my new camera and still do not regret buying it.. I am looking forward to see more of your work!

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