The Momentum of Writing: Establishing versus Maintaining


It is quite true that momentum is easier to maintain than to establish in the beginning. This is also very applicable with writing. The last time I worked with the article I promised to write was before the Holy Week.

Like what I have already mentioned in my previous posts, this article is based on the research project I have conducted while still in the graduate school. With the workbook of Laura Belcher entitled Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success as my guide, I promised to Bestow one or two hours to writing on a daily basis. Since the Holy Week, I am not able to honour that promise.

Before the Holy Week, I was spending an hour to four of my time in writing the article on the daily basis. The momentum was established and maintaining it seems to be effortless. Now that I have not visited the article I have promised to write for a couple of weeks now, five weeks to be exact, I find it quite difficult to get into the rhythm again.

Last week, the familiar procrastinators guilt has start to set-in. I felt very guilty for not writing and the longer I postpone performing this exercise, the more difficult it gets to start with it. It is suffice to say that the more I delay, the scarier the task gets.

I promised myself that at the beginning of this week, I will establish the writing momentum again which has been extinguished a couple of weeks ago. It will be my day-off next week Monday and Tuesday I thought to myself and it is a good opportunity to re-open the case again so to speak. Hopefully, the momentum will build itself as it once did.

Then the anticipated next week has come and became the ‘current week’. The Monday has passed and it is now Tuesday. What have I done? Well, I have done so many things, except writing. At least not writing the article.

At this very moment, instead of revisiting the draft that I have already written or re-examining the materials from which my argument is based, I thought I should update my blog first and to write about ‘not writing the article’, because writing about ‘not writing the article’ might bring me to the condition conducive for writing. That is one possibility. Another possibility is, of course, I am simply procrastinating.

Being busy is not really a valid excuse not to write. I agree with Wendy Laura Belcher when she said that we are not writing because we are busy, but rather, we are busy because we are not writing.

I always have an hour everyday to devote to working the article I have promised to write. It is very important to bear in mind that although the goal, at least at first glance, is to pursue publication, publication is not the main thing here. Rather, to make writing a part of my daily life, because I find the writing process to be cathartic. I write for the sake of writing. When I write, I think and when I think, I write.