On Places and Landmarks: Venlo and its Late 16th Century Townhall


One day, without any pre-existing plan, I took the train and went to Venlo on my own. With a camera around my neck, I graced this beautiful, quaint, and yet intimate city. I pretended to be a tourist for day and allowed myself to be amazed by the sceneries as if I have seen it for the first time. It was an opportunity to see the city in entirely different perspective and also to develop skills in photography.

Venlo is a very charming city and its landmark is its town-hall which was built in 1597. Needless to say that I am drawn to old buildings and the stories they tell. This is, perhaps, one of the many reasons why I am also charmed by old medieval churches and other ancient site of worships.

The town-hall in Venlo is quite imposing and dominates the market square in which it was located. Due to the ambiance that this landmark provide, having a drink or a meal in the square can be quite a Ceremonial experience. It is quite a pity though that one could not see its interior.

Here below are some of my other attempts to capture that indescribable atmosphere that this magnificent landmark conjures. I was quite very new with photography and still trying to understand how my camera works. At the time of taking these pictures, I was still unaware of the things my camera could do.

The more I practice, the more I gain understanding with the equipment I use. The lens then become the extension of my eyes. The line that divides the user (subject) and the equipment (object) then becomes blurred and fuzzy. They become one as they produce a narrative depicted in the images they produce.

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