Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo Challenge: Where Art Thou?

Am I being too dramatic when I say that I terribly miss the Daily Prompt and the Weekly Photo Challenge on the WordPress.com’s Daily Post? It made me sad – or should I say, heartbroken – when I discovered that the daily and weekly challenges have come to an end. These challenges have propelled many bloggers to blog and by so doing kept their blogs alive and meet other bloggers in the blogging community. Now that they are no longer gracing us with their presence, one should ask as Madonna’s rendition of Evita Peron once did: ‘Where do we go from here?’

When I visited the www.dailypost.wordpress.com last mid of June to inspire a blogging mood so that I could update my blog which needless to say needed updating, I was flabbergasted to find out that the Daily Prompt and the Weekly Photo Challenge are no longer in the place where I have last seen them. It was like coming back in your favourite place after a while only to find out that the place you love and miss is no longer there.

I felt lost without these writing and photography challenges, which I did not realize how much I enjoyed doing until now they are no longer there. These challenges to write narratives and capture images did not only provide me inspiration of what to compose either through words or images, but this particular activity has also provided a platform, an audience, and a community.

When I write a piece and use the daily prompt of the day in my writing or respond to the Weekly Photo Challenge with photographs I took or already have taken, I know that there will be people, however few, from various parts of the world who will find my work. Now, without this virtual meeting place of the  Daily Post enthusiasts, I feel that I am just shouting at a huge void and there is nobody there who can hear me.

Paradoxically though, now that there is no Daily Prompt or Weekly Photo Challenge that propel me to blog, I am more inclined to take blogging more seriously. Now, I can no longer rely to the Daily Post for blogging inspiration but to myself alone. I need to find a theme or themes I would be blogging about. The writing/photo challenges – or the lack thereof – is a very good place to start.