Queen Victoria: The Prolific Diarist

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, amongst many other things, was a prolific diarists. It is estimated that in her day, she wrote approximately two thousand five hundred (2 500) words a day. Being a queen must be a full time job and yet she still had time to write that many words every day. Her full time job did not keep her from writing. Needless to say that writing was a huge part of her life. She must have been very articulate and eloquent.

Although I do not write as often or as half as good as Queen Victoria, I think it is fair to claim that I also have an insatiable desire to express myself through writing. Of course, comparing myself to a the Queen Victoria is presumptuous to say the least. Nonetheless, I am so inspired to write when I think of her. Because she was a prolific diarist and conversed with herself intimately through writing make me feel, in some way, connected with her.

When I write – whether be it on my blog, my journal, or anything related to my  research interest, I feel empowered and liberated. I experience the whole process of writing as transformative and redemptive. It will hurt first especially when ideas are still evasive and words seem to be elusive. But there is nothing so fulfilling when the text we write started to write itself, not because of you, but despite of you.

When my mind is troubled, I always find peace when I write. Or better yet, peace finds me when I am writing. In my own particular case at least, there is nothing that writing cannot cure. More often than not, writing is a compulsion. I will just have this urge to write and I cannot not write.

That said, I cannot claim that I am living up to the ideal of Queen Victoria as a prolific diarist. Unlike her, I let my day job interfere with my writing. Since I started with my full-time job, my life seems to revolve around my job and do nothing for the rest of the day.

If I really love writing as I always say, I should find time to write every day. We get better in what we do. So when we do not write, we become good at not writing.




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