Winter Garden


Our garden surprised me when I get back from work yesterday. By the sight of it, the gardener has been here. Once in a while, Mrs. M the gardener comes around to give our garden a make-over. We like our garden, but we just do not have the patience nor the skills to do the dirty job.

I am quite jealous of Mrs. M, not because of gardening perse, but because of how passionate she is with what she does. Finding that something you love to do is a gift many of us still do not have.

It is even more rewarding when like Mrs M, your passion could also offer you your profession: to earn a living from doing things you would do for free. And mind you, Mrs M is not cheap. She charges 30 EUR per hour, which is ok, because what we can do lousily in three months, she could do so perfectly in just 8 hours.