Stormy Day: Depressing and Beautiful


The stormy weather today is so cruel. The wind blows hard and the sound it makes is  quite unsettling. It is dark, cold and wet today, which can only be described by many as depressing. But I think, when you look carefully to this so called depressing weather and try hard to experience it differently, you will certainly see beauty in it.

The photograph was taken during what photographers – both professionals and enthusiasts – would describe as the golden hour. Golden hour is that time of the day when morning has just broken and the sub beings to set. The golden light that the sun emanate just give a dramatic photographic effect.

Speaking of drama, I find the bright sunshine trying to break through that thick cloud to be so dramatic. The camera on my phone is not powerful enough to capture its drama. Pity I did not have my DSLR at that moment. In my defense, I was just biking back home from work.