A Runner’s Journal: An Introduction


I could only assume that my Facebook friends are already annoyed by my relentless post of my running stats. Posting my running stats on Facebook or Instagram feeds every time I run can get a bit old and boring.

It is for this reason that I have decided to post my running stats today here on the Much To Tell About Nothing blog. And perhaps also use this particular space – among many other things – as a running journal in which I will document my running goals, challenges and achievements.

This particular blog, also provides a good opportunity to collect my thoughts and the words to express them while I am running. When I run, many things happen: getting inspiration or being inspired is one of them.

I cannot voice out these inspirations in my other social media account, because I am shy by nature as I have always been shy as long as I can remember. My anonymity here provides me the courage to express my soul and to declare my spirit without worrying that my audience might cringe at me for how corny I am.