Renaissance: Leonardo the Midwife and Italy the Nest

via Nest

Simply put, Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the midwives of the Renaissance and Italy was the nest of this movement that has ushered the world into Enlightenment. Of course, there are more to it than simply that.

Last October, I received from a beloved friend a copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s biography authored by Walter Isaacson for my birthday. Isaacson is a University Professor of History in Tulane who wrote biographical accounts of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Kissinger, amongst many others. His biographical account of Leonardo da Vinci is quite accessible to unspecialized readers like myself who are nonetheless intrigued and fascinated by history, and more particularly the  history the renaissance Italy, a period in which high creativity is at peak and its surge has ushered us out of darkness and slumber.

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