Too Tired To Write or Too Tired When Not Writing?How Sitting Behind The Desk Made Me Write


Do not get me wrong, I am very happy with my full-time job and grateful that I have one. But since I started with my day job recently, I barely have time at my disposal to engage with other activities that are stimulating both physically (running) and mentally (writing). Like any other day jobs, mine is consuming most – if not all – of my time and I need to learn how to manage my time more wisely, so that my life will be more well-rounded.

Early this morning, while it was still dark and cold, I was already on my way to work. And as I look at the full moon that was still shining so bright as I bike to work, I promised to myself that I must do some writing as soon as I get back home. Writing is one of the many things that I find fulfilling.  Now that I am back from work, I am so exhausted to do anything at all, including the one that I love the most: writing.

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Vegan @ Work: Forlorn I Am Not

I can claim in good conscience that I am a full pledge vegan. While I do not and cannot promise that I will be a perfect vegan, if such person truly exists, I could say with mostly absolute certainty that my position relative to that vegan ideal is relatively close.

My diet is strictly plant-based and I do not find it difficult at all. In fact, I am not even aware that I am being vegan round the clock as if being vegan is always what I have been. It just comes naturally, like breathing.

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