Bookshelves on the Street


I have noticed this for quite sometime now. Throughout the country, at least in the places I have visited so far, I see bookshelves on the street! What’s the game here? Am I to pick one book I like in exchange of another book I would like others to read? Is this a some sort of public library where people exchange books anonymously? I think it is a brilliant idea!!!


The Click Between the Cactus and Myself


Green fingers, I do not have. I have tested it over and over again: there is no plant that survives under my care. Which is a pity because I would love to have plants in my room. Plants purify the air. Then, I thought of cacti. They might not be beautiful in a conventional sense, but they are certainly tenacious. Thy survive even under the harshest conditions. So I bought myself a cactus and it is still here and flourishing after a year. I love my cactus!


Stormy Day: Depressing and Beautiful


The stormy weather today is so cruel. The wind blows hard and the sound it makes isĀ  quite unsettling. It is dark, cold and wet today, which can only be described by many as depressing. But I think, when you look carefully to this so called depressing weather and try hard to experience it differently, you will certainly see beauty in it.

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